The Firefighter

The Firefighter
Successive images of The Firefighter who points to the names of the fallen. These photographs were taken between September 2012 and August 2013.

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16th Annual Ottawa Fire Services Memorial, September 8, 2017

Due to closures on Elgin Street the ceremony this year had no parade. Instead bands and participating firefighters marched from the Cartier Square Drill Hall. A brief downpour happened during the introductory remarks. Otherwise the weather for the ceremony was ideal.

I went about the site of the ceremony before it started and took these photographs. I'll explain what you're seeing in some of them.

The restored antique firefighting apparatus come courtesy of Bytown Fire Brigade, a Canadian firefighting historical society.

With Elgin Street unavailable for a parade, the honour guard,
bands and firefighters marched from the Cartier Square Drill
Hall, adjacent to City Hall and the venue of the ceremony.

Retired from the Ottawa Fire Services, Dawson McVeetors founded the Ottawa
Fire Services Memorial and served as Master of Ceremonies. Here, he does a
sound check before the ceremony, in which he also plays saxophone superbly.

In this ceremony the first fire helmet represents firefighters who died
in line of duty, the second represents legacy deaths, firefighters who
died, but not in line of duty, and the third represents all firefighters.

Traditionally at a firefighter's funeral a fire truck, usually a
pumper, carries their casket, draped in black cloth out of mourning
and respect. This apparatus fills that role for the ceremony.

Captain John Sobey, Ottawa Fire Services, served as Parade Marshal.

Captain Bob Rainboth, Ottawa Fire Services, served as Ceremony Director.

Two decked out Clydesdale horses draw this Silsby rotary steam pumper.

The ceremony begins with the Ottawa Fire Services band, pipe band, honour guard and firefighters marching to their places for the ceremony.

During Mayor Watson's remarks it rained and the fire department answered a call

From this point on in the ceremony family members of fallen firefighters are honoured.

This set of photographs show Last Post, moment of silence, the Lament, and Reveille.

A march past takes place here and the ceremony concludes.