The Firefighter

The Firefighter
Successive images of The Firefighter who points to the names of the fallen. These photographs were taken between September 2012 and August 2013.

Viewing the Photographs

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Other Firefighter Memorials and Commemorations in the Ottawa Region

By other, I mean aside from the Canadian Firefighters Memorial and the Ottawa Fire Fighters Memorial. I have found some other commemorations to firefighters within the Ottawa/Gatineau area and 50 kilometres of their borders.


"This sculpture by artist Michael Kinghorn reminds us of the dangerous conditions regularly faced by rescue workers."


"This sculpture by artist Michael Kinghorn engages with the word "overhaul" in two ways. A term frequently used by firefighters, overhaul refers to the stripping of walls and floors in order to search for trapped heat. Similarly, the layers of this sculpture gradually dissolve to reveal differnt textures
and metals."

Manotick Fire Service Memorial Oak

Outside fire station 94 in Manotick there is a red oak tree dedicated to the memory of two firefighters, Chief Wayne Martin, and Lieutenant Brian Brady.

Navan Town Clock Plaza

The town clock plaza in Navan includes two benches memorializing firefighters, Kevin Stenfert and Ralph Evans.

Renfrew Firefighters Tree of Lights

In Renfrew, Ontario, across the street from their fire hall stands a large evergreen tree covered with lights. A plaque nearby says, "Tree of lights, dedicated 1997 to honour Renfrew's deceased firefighters."

Captain Howard L. Greer Flag Pole

A flag pole and plaque, in North Gower, Ontario commemorate Captain Howard L. Greer's line of duty death.

Wellington Marbles

On Wellington Street West stand 18 marble sculptures based on the theme of fire hydrants. The one on the south side of Wellington Street West at the junction of Garland Street, specifically commemorates firefighters with a pair of boots and a coiled hose atop a hydrant.